IGNITE Madness

Since 2020 is a year like no other, we’ve created a pitch competition like no other!  Welcome to IGNITE Madness.  Like the basketball competition – top contenders will be selected to compete in eight 1st Round Brackets.  Judges representing industry experts, investors, and customers will be selecting the winners of the 1st Round Brackets to compete in the event’s Final Round.  Participating startups will be competing for customer connections, investor prizes, and in an event that promises to provide a unique experience for a national audience.  (Spoiler Alert – we’re also looking to enable an audience voting process so a People’s Choice Winner can be declared at the end of 1st Round Bracket competition.)

IGNITE Madness begins with 8 first Round Brackets where competitors will pitch solutions for some of healthcare’s highest priority problems. The brackets include:

  1. Mental /Behavioral Health
  2. Telemedicine/Remote Patient Monitoring
  3. Medical Devices
  4. Patient Engagement
  5. Employee Wellness
  6. Population Health/Analytics
  7. Femtech/Women’s Health
  8. WILDCARD:  Other Disruptive Solutions

IGNITE Madness will be held over a two-day period.  

Round 1, October 22, 2020 at 9:30a to noon (central standard time)

Each bracket will be judged by highly engaged investors, customers, and industry experts.  Startups and Partner Judges, seeking to award prizes, will be introduced in advance of the competition for early exploratory conversations.

Finals Round, October 29, 2020 at tentatively 5:30p (central standard time)

The top-scoring startup from each bracket will compete in the Final Round of IGNITE Madness 2020 for investment prizes!  Fire Pitch 2019 raised over $422,000 in investment prizes for competing finalists – and IGNITE Madness already has over $300,000 in investment prizes committed!