Ignite Madness Sponsors

Plans for the Ignite Madness Competition, hosted by Ignite Healthcare Network, are well underway to uncover technology-driven, women-led companies, poised to transform the healthcare industry.

Sponsors of Ignite Madness 2020 will be afforded a unique marketing opportunity to reach a broad audience through “Super Bowl” type ads that will be played throughout the Event. By engaging the audience in an interactive voting process for the “Best Ad Award”, this Event will increase attention to your brand. Sponsors will also receive recognition in the marketing of the Event and on Ignite’s website.

Sponsorship Levels Sponsorship Amount 45 second ad placed at start or end of Finals or 1st Round Bracket Competition 30 second ad placed during Finals between pitches 15 second ad placed during Finals between pitches Recognized on Sponsor List during both 1st Round Bracket Compeition and Final Round Listed on the invitation and website
Perfect Bracket $15,000.00    
Championship $7,500.00    
Finalist $5,000.00    
Elite $2,500.00      
Cinderella $1,000.00        

 Please consider participating as a sponsor of the Ignite Madness 2020 Competition. As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to champion innovative companies, led by dynamic influencers, who may very well be the next disruptors of the healthcare industry.